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Plan Well - Retire Well

Most people already know that investing in property is a great idea but they just don't do anything about it. At QLD Property Advisory we encourage investors to take the first step!




In just one meeting you will know your options!

If you can put a property into your portfolio, we can tell you in our first 1 hour meeting together. If you're not quite ready, we explain what you will need to do.

Your Property Advisor acts like a bodyguard for your your investment property purchase; he knows everything you need to know and how to get it done. Dealing with banks, lawyers, builders and property managers can be difficult and time-consuming. A Property Advisor will walk you through the purchase and build of your new investment property!

Contacts and industry experience are our greatest assets. We work hard for you, and we have no shortage of industry professionals and successful property investors who are happy to provide endorsements and testimonials as to our professionalism and performance. We encourage everyone to 'plan now' for a fruitful and rewarding retirement.


Are you interested to find out more?

If you think you meet the following criteria of $80k combined taxable income and have equity in your home of approximately $100k, then let's get together and look at some options for you.