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Aldo Baraban

Aldo Baraban
Aldo Baraban
Managing Director
Queensland Property Advisory

Hi. I’m Aldo Baraban, Managing Director of Queensland Property Advisory on the Gold Coast.

The core service we provide is showing Australians with a minimum income of $80,000 and $100,000 equity in their home how they can buy a brand new investment property for around $30 a week with a $1,000 deposit.

The bulk of our customers are mum and dads with equity in their home who are either employed, contractors or self employed.

We also do everything for you which even includes setting up the rental agreements so they’re ready to go and everything is in place for you.

The Golden Triangle – South East Queensland

When it comes to affordability Melbourne & Sydney are now priced out of many people’s price range.

However, this makes South East QLD very attractive and the best value for money because this is one of the only places left where you can buy a brand new house and investment property for $450,000.

The downside is land is only available here for next 5 years so it is important to get in on the ground floor now.

In regards to buying an investment property for $30 a week with a $1,000 deposit that may sound a bit too “good to be true” however it isn't.

The reason I say that is…

I’ve been helping people increase their net worth and generational wealth for over 30 years in the Australian investment property industry with great success and for most it’s been around the $30 a week mark.

The reality is…

  • A lot of people are eligible to buy a cash flow positive investment property but are confused about all the conflicting information out there
  • They’re also worried about who they can trust with one of the biggest purchases of their life so that’s understandable
  • Many see all these renovation shows on television and think the investment property they are buying is dump out the back of ‘whoop whoop’
  • And many are taking investment property advice from people who are not qualified in investment property so they don’t pursue it

Find out if you’re eligible to buy your own investment property & a slice of Queensland for $30 a week is relatively painless.

Just phone us on 1300 662 420 or email us here and we’ll review where you’re at for FREE from there.

Of course positively geared property investment is just part of the puzzle…

Our real focus and passion is educating, guiding and advising you so you can…

  • Increase your net worth and generational wealth through investment property
  • Structure your investment property correctly so you can protect your own home and investment property for maximum benefit
  • Use your tax to help to help pay for your investment property
  • How you can evolve into becoming a clever investor so you can keep buying property after property
  • Advise you about property investment basics and what determines a good investment

As for me…

Well I have been involved in the property investment industry for over 30 years as I mentioned earlier.

This gives you access to invaluable experience in property investment in good times and bad that new comers and people just trying to cash in on the good times don’t.

I’m also Italian so I love food; I love riding my motorcycle cruiser and have a passion for property that’s infectious!

And we have not become one of Australia’s leading boutique property investment services by chance.

Our services, brand and business is operated on using the honour system so you the customer saves time, money and feels good about becoming a property investor. I can also guarantee you’ll never be under any pressure to commit.

I’ve learnt many things from being in property investment for over 30 years as well.

Without a doubt the biggest thing I’ve learnt is a majority of people put off taking the first step to investing in property because it is scary and intimidating and they do not know whom they can trust with one of the biggest deals of their life

Having said that, if you have $80,000 in income and $100,000 of equity in your home and you’re interested in knowing more about how you can buy a brand new investment property and your own slice of Queensland for $30 a week with me and the team at Queensland Property Advisory call us on:

Ph: 1300 662 420 or email us here

Book an appointment with us today